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Come one, come all! – Welcome to the best darn Empower Network Review on the interwebz, period.

Before we get into things, first some house keeping.

Is this for you? – Look, ‘this’ isn’t for everyone. When I say “this” I’m not just referring to EN, I referring to internet marketing as a whole. If you’re expecting to jump into a program/opportunity/biz-opp and make a million bucks overnight, scoot. skedaddle. Get outta’ here. The dream is free – the hustle sold separately.

If you’re a tire kicker, whiner or procrastinator – again, probably not for you.

And if your just gonna dip your toe (stay at the $25 level) instead of jumping right in (going all-in), again this aint for you. Selling thousands of low ticket products every month is not only stupid – for the ‘normal’ every day person, it’s un-achievable. (Why sell 100 $25 products, when you can sell 1 $3,000 product?)

And know that that’s out-of-the-way, again let me answer the number one question I get asked daily, and put it to rest once and for all..

“Is Empower Network Saturated” – My reveal all video tells the truth (some proof in there, too) :-

Phew. Now we’re clear on a few things – and I’ve managed to weed out the tire kickers. So if you’re still here congratulations! Next step, all aboard my“Bulldozer of Truth!”


Uhm, but Josh – What the heck does a bulldoze have to do with your Empower Network Review?

Lemme explain.

You see – not all reviews have your best interests at heart. Certain individuals out there would sell their own Mothers to make a commission. Others would bad mouth even the most respected business out there to drive attention onto whatever it is their promoting.

In short – not all reviews are created equal.

That’s where the bulldozer comes in.

We’re gonna hop in, and bulldoze through all the crap, groupies, spam, scams and deception.

The Realist Empower Network Review you’ll ever read….

Before we continue, I thought I’d point out the obvious – I AM an EN member and active affiliate. With that in mind, I’ll keep the hype to a minimum. Unlike the other 100,000 plus affiliates, I’m not a groupie. I’m not going to ride “The Dave’s” like Sports Center ride LeBron. I’m not a hater, I respect their grind and hustle – but I’m no hype man.

Strap yourself in…

The Product Line :-

1] The Viral Blogging System aka “Blog Beast” $25/month

The flagship product is their in-famous blogging platform. You may have heard of this already, however things have changed. With the release of ‘Version 2′ they listened to the tweaks we suggested. Now, it’s a proprietary system (not WordPress). Other benefits include -

  • Unlimited Domains and Blogs 
  • The ability to use your own domain (if you don’t want to use their sub-domain)
  • A fully functional mobile application that lets you blog (and video blog) on the go  - so know you can record video from StarBucks (Like, Oh Em Gee!)
  • 5 new Training videos (Most over 40 minutes) that teach the everything form the basics of SEO to how to drive mass traffic.

Not bad for twenty-five bucks a month. It’s hosted and set-up for you. Great for the non-techies out there – and great for all the Grandma’s too! (Which was the intention, to make it Grandma proof)

Cons? While it contains most things you’d need out of the box, you are unable to add your own plugins. Much needed improvement comparison to the original blog platform.

2] The Inner Circle $100/month

90% of the people I get emails from daily don’t have the correct mindset. They are looking for a “quick fix” or “scheme” and want instant results. They aren’t interested in building a long-lasting business for the future – and thus, they fail.

Mindset is everything and that’s exactly what this product is about. You get weekly (sometime bi-weekly) mindset audios that get you to re-wire the way you think and see business. You also get a great insight into whats working currently as they include interviews with some of their top income learners.

Cons? You won’t appreciate this in the beginning. With most audios being over an hour-long, you will simply look over these whilst you look for the quick fix. However, when you actually sit down and listen (took me a while) you WILL appreciate the value.

You used to be able to download these staright to your PC, iPod/Phone direct from the members area – however for whatever reason this is no longer achievable  (unless you know how, and don’t worry, we’ll show ya).

Also, some of the audios can be obtained for free via the Monday night call-ins. You won’t get a replay though. Also, if your like me, you’re not exactly gonna sit on the phone for two hours starting 9PM Eastern, so it’s always great to have ‘em on demand!

3] The Costa Rica Intensive $500 (One Time)

A HD video series that took place at Dave’s crib in Costa Rica. This was an invite only event and cost a bomb to attend. You get it for a one time $500 payment. A lot of great content when it comes to the team/leadership side of things.

Cons? Since this took place a year or so ago, some of the content is a lil dated. Empower is currently re-vamping this product as we speak. Personally, even though I still gained a few gems of knowledge this is my least favourite product.

4] The $15K Formula $1,000 (One Time)

The holy grail.

15 ways to make $15K a month, now. This is what works NOW and it works pretty darn quick. Four lessons in particular in this product allowed me to triple my monthly income (I’ll share em with ya when you join).

Trainings are “how to” webinars, so very easy to follow and digest. Learn everything from email marketing and solo ads, to “offline” strategies such as magazine ads.

Cons? None (no really). Without this product, I’d still be struggling in the trenches.

5] The Masters Course $3,500 (One Time)

Yes, I did just say three and a half thousand – but if you wanna play with the big boys, go hard or go home!

Like I said above, this is the big boy ish that will take you from the $15K/month above, to the $50K or even $100K/month.

Cons? For the narrow-minded people out there, the price. However, if you’re a business man (or lady) you can see the value and potential.

Total cost? – $5,125

Now, you don’t gotta get ‘em all at the start – however that’s what I did and I’d advise you do the same.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “I’ll start at the bottom, then re-invest my profits”.

Yeah that’s cool and all – but you may as well go get  a job a t McDonalds.

You know how many $25 you’d hafta sell to re-invest? 220 – I don’t know about you, but I value my time and my bank balance.

Oh, also if you wanna re-sell the products and earn a juicy 100% commission you will need to pay the $19.95 affiliate fee. You get paid every Friday, straight into your e-wallet where you can transfer your earnings straight to your bank via direct deposit, wire or you can even get a pre-paid MasterCard.

So there ya have it – a very in-depth Empower Network Review (damn, my hands aching now!) without the hype.

But now, let me tell you why…

..I’m the BEST Empower Network Sponsor, why you NEED to join my team…


< Hashtag SorrynotSorry ;) >

It’s true – I am the best sponsor.

Why? Lemme explain.

A picture speaks a thousand words -

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 17.10.35

Yup, ranking position three for “Empower Network” on Google. No SEO has been done for the past two months (auto-pilot baby!).

Oh, and I’ve actually ranked 5 different websites for that keyword in the past 6 months (Yes, I’m THAT good). Don’t let “the blind lead the blind” learn direct from a pro ;)

Moving forwards…

1) I’m a part of the ‘legendary’ Prosperity Team. This means you are too. So you get access to all our cool bonuses, included our system ‘iPAS’.

  • Which in short – contains three private sales funnels complete with capture pages.
  • Done for you Traffic – Yup, get mass traffic from the same sources as we do!
  • Your very own Personal Business Assistant who will personally CALL and CLOSE your leads! (omfg bro)

See everything you get access to here -


2) I will personally mentor you and give you my personal success blueprint. Don’t want to blog? This is for you. Create a 10K/month business spending just 30 minutes per day sending emails? Yes, I’m serious. (All-In’s only)

3) My 10K/month blogging strategy. Copy our proven blogging blueprint and make big paydays. Blogging isn’t for everyone, but stick with this and you’ll make NBA money.

4) Invite to our personal FaceBook mastermind group – get support, chat and network with like-minded individuals.

In the words of Peter Griffin -

But don’t just take mine (or Peter’s) word for it, here from one of my students who made over $3,000 his first moth (and ranked 120 on the Empower Network leaderboard!)

Coolio. You down? You should be.

Oh – and no, this isn’t a gimmick, but I only work with WINNERS.

I’m putting together a dream team here, a team of All Stars.

People who will do whatever it takes to succeed and be successful.

Think Kobe Bryant.

If thats you, join me below. Note – you better get all in STAT (seriously).

If you’re gonna whine and complain (like Dwight Howard) join somebody else.

But keep in mind they won’t help you like I can.

Why All In? - Look, we don’t want volume, we want quality. You get one all in a month, that’s 5 large and it’s easier than you think when you’ve got a freakin sales floor calling all your leads for you.

Take a look at the image below -

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 23.53.54

Before I saw the light and got down with Empower, I was what’s know as a “super affiliate”.

Above are my earnings for a promotion. As you can see, I had to work like a dog in order to shift 200 units.

Those 200 unites got me $4,000 – but then I lost $2,000 in refunds.

Can you get numbers like that? Even if you could, you know how much work it takes, only to see half of it disappear in refunds?

C’mon man, learn from my mistakes. Sell big-ticket products and take home EVERYTHING that you keep.

Selling $47 products is for chumps – so what does that make you if you refuse to go all in?

I’m like Phil Jackson – and I can coach you into the next Kobe.

Join me below, lock arms and let’s get this money, yo


Random F.A.Q’s

Q.Total Cost to get started today? (All In Cost)

A. $5,144.95

Q. Will you call me and answer a bunch of questions/walk me through the process?

A. Heck to the NO! That’s my final answer. I’ve put in over 200 people without EVER picking up the phone, I’m, not gonna start today. Besides, the whole business model is “make more without picking up the phone”.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. Drop me a comment below and I’ll respond ASAP.

Earn with Mike Review

Q. I’m already on Team X – can I join you?

A. No. Well, you can but as per EN’s terms you have to sit out and re-join in 6 months time. Somethings tellin’ me your not gonna do that (and I don’t blame ya)

Q. What are you strengths as a leader?

A. I know how to rank, FAST. SEO is my speciality – but I also do a lot of paid marketing as well, so I got you covered on all angles. Unlike other leaders, I’m actually in the trenches daily perfecting my craft.



Josh Monroe is a full time internet marketer and super affiliate. His main passion is the Empowerment of others - he loves nothing more than connecting with his team mates and personally helping them quit their 9-5 jobs!

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